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Information Technology

Our Learning Technologies Room

All Computers in our school are networked and connected to the internet. There are 29 computers in the Learning Technologies Room. Each classroom has a computer attached to an Interactive Whiteboard. There is a pod of  10 PCs in the Upper Primary unit.


Students use programmes such as Microsoft Office, Kidpix, Inspiration, Fitzroy Readers, George Booker Maths.

Internet use is closely supervised by staff and DECD has a filtering system is in place to block inappropriate sites.

http://www.staysmartonline.gov.au The Stay Smart Online Alert Service is a free subscription based service that provides home users and small to medium enterprises with information on the latest computer network threats and vulnerabilities in simple, non-technical, easy to understand language. It also provides solutions to help manage these risks.


Students Internet Agreement

Mt Gambier North R-7 School

  1. I will not give out my personal information.

  2. I will negotiate with my teacher the time of day and length of time I can be online.

  3. I will only access sites, which relate to my class work and agreed to by my teacher.

  4. All my messages will be polite.

  5. I will tell the teacher if I receive inappropriate messages.

  6. I will follow these guidelines set out by the school.



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