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Book Week


Book Week 2015 

Books Light Up Our World














Book Week 2014

Connect To Reading





Book Week 2013 - Read Across the Universe


Our Library




Our Staff and Students join in the Book Week celebrations



Book Week 2012 - Champions Read





Book Week 2011- One World, Many Stories


Book Week 2010 - Across the Story Bridge


Book Week 2009 - BOOK SAFARI


Book Week 2008 - FUEL YOUR MIND


Book Week 2007 - READISCOVER

Staff and students dressed up for the 2007 READISCOVER Book Week.

Book Week 2006 - BOOK NOW - The Journey Begins .......

We dressed up as a character from our favourite book


Book Week 2005 - READING ROCKS

Staff and students dressed up as rock stars and characters from books.

In the Resource Centre - Rock Stars decorated by individual classes.

Book Week 2004 - DOORWAYS

The Cat in the Hat

The Dragon Keeper and Tashi

On Parade

Room 9's Door

Where is Wally


Book Week 2003 - Oceans of Stories


Resource Centre

Room 5

SSO Sirens

Front Office

Computer room

Room 1

Room 11

Dress up Day

Book Week 2002 Displays.


Students have been learning about Asian countries this year.

These are some displays from around the school.


Book Week 2001 Displays.

Journey of Indigenous People - American Indians.

Journey of Indigenous People -

Australian Aboriginals.

Lands of the Faraway Tree.

Journey to Ancient Egypt.

A Viking ship in the resource centre.

The Singing Hat.