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This story by Emma Disselbach is one of these exceptional factual recounts.

 During 2003 and 2004 our Landcare area became a reality.  It was a dream for our ‘school hill’ to become a Landcare area, which would be just like an outdoor classroom.  The hill is at the Wimmera Street Car Park behind the North Primary School.  Greencorp helped us with our excavating.

 There was a lot of madness going on and it became an ‘out of bounds area’ because of the bobcats, bulldozers and cranes.  The cranes were carefully bringing down the trees.  Also the bulldozers and bobcats were taking away dirt to make the hill level with the rest.

Everything was coming together so quickly it was astonishing to see!  Gates and fences had to be put in.  Most of the Greencorp workers and the people in the Unit did most of the fencing.  The ‘bog’ was really easy to put together.

After a while, tiny tadpoles were put in the ponds and more plants and rocks were put in to try and bring more natives into the area.  They also put a plate on a rock to say that one of the waterfalls was called ‘Benson Falls’ named after Trevor Benson.

All the creeks and waterfalls were coming together and so was everything else but there was still a lot of mulching to be done.  Lots of classes were starting to come down and see the beautiful sight that could be seen.

After a while there was a big presentation, which was going to be put on the television.  The presentation was put on Channel 8.  It was really exciting and Rory McEwen came to speak.  It was a wonderful day and many months later there was a performance done by some of the choir and people played instruments.

Officially, it has become an outdoor classroom.  Our Principal wants to do a lot more with it in the next 10 years.  I really think that it is a great classroom and a peaceful place to read and relax.